Better manage the subcontractor Application for Payment Process

WebContractor is an innovative online portal providing end-to-end management of the subcontractor Application for Payment process, as well as many other features to help manage the main contractor subcontractor relationship. WebContractor is now used by many large contractors including Vinci, Sisk, Osborne and Readie to name just a few.

This webinar highlights the benefits WebContractor will deliver for the main contractors’ Finance and Commercial teams as well the benefits for subcontractors.

Finance teams will learn how to:

  • Better forecast cashflow with advanced visibility of financial milestones across all projects
  • Significantly reduce enquiries from subcontractors
  • Ensure compliance with HMRC and UK Construction Act

Commercial teams will learn how to:

  • Keep track of progress by all subcontractors, across all projects, in one place
  • Improve relationships by simplifying the application process and reducing admin
  • See outstanding project costs and liabilities quickly
  • Enforce strict authorisation processes for notices and payments

Your subcontractors (for free) will benefit from:

  • Ability to create and submit applications for payment and invoices using the secure online portal
  • Transparency of process and real-time status updates
  • Automated notifications of the progress of their claims through the process
  • Self-billing agreements and authenticated VAT receipts

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