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Simplifying business processes with eInvoicing

Since implementing eInvoicing back in 2019, office fit-out specialists BW have enjoyed significant improvements due to the ease and efficiency of their invoicing process, including 100% data accuracy into their back-office system, COINS.


In this video case study, Izabela Jeziolkowska, Assistant Accountant at BW, explains how eInvoicing has revolutionised the way the business processes and validates supplier invoices.  

The Business: BW

With over 17 years’ experience building commercial office interiors, BW are fit-out and refurbishment experts. With innovation at the forefront of everything they do, BW are completely focused on completing their fit-out and refurbishment projects defect free.      

After significant business growth, BW recognised that manually inputting invoices was inefficient, and decided to explore electronic solutions to increase invoice processing efficiency and streamline supplier payments. 

The Solution: eInvoicing

The unique platform automatically converts and validates PDF invoices received from suppliers into XML files, eliminating the need for costly manual methods, and integrating seamlessly with business’ back office systems, in BW’s case, the COINS system.

eInvoicing is open to all buyers and suppliers, irrespective of size or technical capability. With no barriers to entry, the platform can also be completely tailored to specific business requirements.  

Izabela Jeziolkowska, Assistant Accountant at BW, said: “Prior to Open ECX, we had one person inputting invoices and checking them. We had to scan invoices in, we had to log them in, we had to pass them over for authorisation. We had loads of folders in the office.”

BW implemented eInvoicing in 2019 and have since experienced vast improvements in speed and efficiency. Izabela added: “We’re probably looking at about 12,000 invoices going through Open ECX, plus about 20% manual invoices.

“It doesn’t really matter how many invoices we get, because we are literally just minutes away from clicking through the invoices and authorising them in COINS. We don’t have to scan them, we don’t have to pass them for authorisation because it’s all done automatically.”

For BW’s suppliers, the change has presented no disruptions: “The suppliers have got no issues whatsoever with the implementation of the new system. It’s just a normal process for them.”

Commenting on the change since implementing eInvoicing, Izabela said: “We’ve gone from the 19th century, skipping the 20th century and going straight to the 21st century, having everything nice and automated without the need for checking the quality of data.

It’s a very simple process, you just keep it simple and that’s the best thing about Open ECX.”

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