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Changeover of invoicing process, seamless for suppliers

Premium homebuilder, CALA Group, introduced Open ECX’s eInvoicing technology in 2018 to allow customers to process invoices electronically and directly into their back finance system.

Hoping to ease some of the manual work for their finance team and omit the risk of human error or delayed payments, the eInvoicing platform instantly relieved employees of admin work, freeing up time for more value-adding tasks.

The Business

A leading provider of new-build properties in Scotland, the Midlands and the South East of England, CALA develop stylish homes, ranging from city-centre apartments to five bedroom suburban retreats, offering true value alongside exceptional design and quality. Winning multiple awards, CALA Group is committed to delivering a five-star service across the board, including to their suppliers.

The Challenge

With a turnover of over £1billion and over 100,000 invoices received per year, CALA was looking for a solution to decrease the time and cost spent processing invoices that would seamlessly integrate with their finance system, EVision from Eque2.

Previously, manually processing invoices opened the business up to the risk of human error and delayed payments to suppliers, preventing the homebuilder from operating at maximum efficiency.

CALA’s main concern when implementing a digital invoicing platform was ensuring it was a seamless transfer to the new system for all suppliers.

The Solution: Introducing eInvoicing

eInvoicing from Open ECX was the ideal solution for CALA – providing a transparent on-boarding process for suppliers, taking them through the new platform and how it will enable a new and improved way of working for all parties.

Integrating perfectly with CALA’s internal finance supplier, Eque2, the cloud-based solution offered a simple and reliable way to automatically process invoices. Extracting data directly from document files such as PDFs, eInvoicing instantly allowed the business to save time and money.

Open ECX’s eInvoicing has also allowed CALA to significantly reduce their use of paper, as all invoicing processes are done via email. This has enabled both CALA and their suppliers to decrease their carbon footprint.

Scott McLennan, Head of Financial Accounting at CALA, said: “With our suppliers always front of mind, we wanted to ensure the platform we introduced offered a seamless transfer over. Straight away with Open ECX, they had a plan mapped out for bringing them on-board.

“Any queries were dealt with promptly and no ask was ever too big, our suppliers took to it with ease and the implementation was flawless. The team has been fantastic to deal with and the quick turnaround of questions and queries is a true testament to the diligence of the Open ECX team.”

Keen to keep supplier relationships strong, the solution shortened the business cycle and allowed invoices to be received within minutes; creating a faster payment process then improved cash flow management, for both CALA and suppliers.

McLennan added: “Another huge eInvoicing benefit for us is the time-saving element, since implementing the platform, the invoicing process has been completely streamlined and now has a 100% accuracy rate. The eInvoicing solution has been hugely successful in reducing the manual effort associated with scanning and keying invoices, saving us significant time and effort across the business.

“If similar to us, you’re a business processing a huge amount of invoices, looking to reduce the cost and efficiencies associated, I would highly recommend exploring eInvoicing by Open ECX.”

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