Construction News Award winners – ‘Best use of Technology’ in partnership with Geoffrey Osborne

At the Construction News Awards 2019, Geoffrey Osborne took home the award for Best Use of Technology by using WebContractor from Open ECX to better manage subcontractor applications for payment. Osborne stood out for the judges by having implemented technology to solve a key industry problem, late payment.

Before using WebContractor, Osborne had to manually process high volumes of applications for payment and associated documents received from subcontractors. That was time-consuming, error-prone and offered no visibility to senior decision makes in the business. This resulted in frustrations for both Osborne and their subcontractors.

Osborne has managed to consign to history the delays and errors related to lost paperwork and emails. The WebContractor portal provides a paper-free process that has cut admin time and associated costs by 50 per cent as well as reducing the firm’s carbon footprint.

By introducing WebContractor, Osborne has achieved many benefits including:

  • Time and cost savings
  • More efficient and streamlined processes
  • Enhanced visibility, reporting and control to reduce risk
  • Better relationships with subcontractors
  • Subcontractor queries relating to applications reduced
  • Compliance with UK Construction Act and Duty to Report Payment Practices
  • Authenticated VAT receipts to satisfy HMRC regulations

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