Customer Support

Our goal is to support YOUR BUSINESS

No third-party outsourcing

Our expert team are on hand to ensure you’re using our solutions as effectively as possible

At Open ECX, we strive to provide the very best technical support to our clients. Our expert team are always available to help enable your business to be more efficient and ensure you’re using our solutions as effectively as possible.

Alongside a thorough training programme for new clients, our customer support advisors are on hand five days a week to help with all queries.

No matter the question or query, our goal is to support in whatever way we can and empower your business to operate at the very best level.

All Open ECX technicians are in-house and work in our office, with the rest of our solution experts. They know all there is to know about our brand and products, working alongside all other departments so they can provide you with the answers and solutions you need.

Customer Support

Whether you’re an existing client or simply looking for further information, please contact +44 (0)161 543 5300

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