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Grundfos compliments their EDI with an automated ordering solution from Open ECX

Grundfos worked with construction eTrading specialist Open ECX to utilise the eOrdering technology to allow their customers to send their orders electronically, in a PDF format, straight into Grundfos’ SAP system.

Grundfos, a global leader and trendsetter in water technology, is the largest water pump supplier in the world, supplying over 17 million pumps per year. Since 1945, the Danish originated company operates across 64 locations around the globe. Therefore, it was crucial to Grundfos that the businesses operations run seamlessly from one location to the next.

Grundfos challenges

With a large number of pumps being supplied annually, Grundfos receives an abundance of orders from multiple customers. Whilst they implemented Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to process the large volume customer orders across the world, along with their Extranet, an online platform where the customer can order the products online, Grundfos still experienced problems. Either the customers were not large enough to qualify for EDI, or they were not receptive to the new way of purchasing.

With the business growing rapidly, and the vast amount of orders being received by Grundfos, the global business decided to look for an alternative solution to sit alongside their current EDI and Extranet ordering options.

The Open ECX solution

Grundfos then began to review the technologies readily available to them. They knew about OCR scanning, but recognised the potential issues that came with the solution, therefore they started to explore the eOrdering solution by Open ECX.
Grundfos stared by contacting Open ECX’s customers, Hilti and Wolseley, to ask them about the eOrdering solution, their experiences with the technology and with the company.

Grundfos approached Open ECX and almost immediately started a pilot project to run across 3 months. As a worldwide business, Grundfos needed to guarantee that the solution would be successful across all 64 locations, ensuring that eOrdering could be implemented into different languages and business environments.

The pilot was so successful that after two months Grundfos decided to go live and roll out the solution to wider customers.


The eOrdering solution has proven to be the right choice for Grundfos, bringing a multitude of benefits to the business. An aspect that impressed Grundfos the most is the time it takes to set up a new customer onto the eOrdering platform. With previous experience of setting up a customer on EDI, Grundfos expected this to take a few weeks, or months, before the customer was live. With eOrdering, the average connecting period from the initial mapping to receiving the first customer order into the SAP system is an average of 5 days – a phenomenally quick process.

A true differentiator between Open ECX and their competitors was the flexibility that they offered when it came to Grundfos and their conversions for their customers. With each order, every customer is different whether it is their order layout or where the shipping details are contained. But with Open ECX’s flexibility, this was not an issue.

And then there is the cost and time saving benefits. With every automated order, Grundfos are saving between 5 and 10 euros. This is not including the material savings and paper usage.

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