Grundfos explain how they streamlined their sales order processing

We interviewed Leo Lui from global pump supplier, Grundfos, who explains how they have significantly cut costs, saved time and improved accuracy by using eOrdering.

This simple, easy to set up solution processes received PDF sales orders directly into their back office SAP system. It has allowed order confirmations from Grundfos to be dispatched to their customers within five minutes rather than a few days, even if that order contains over 100 lines.

“The head office is enjoying this because with every order that we don’t have to type in, we are saving somewhere between €5 and €10… and that is of course not counting the savings made by removing typing errors.”

No matter what size your business, electronic ordering could help streamline your order processing too.

Watch the recording now to discover how eOrdering:

  • Integrates real-time into SAP and other back office systems
  • Saves significant manual effort, time and costs
  • Helps you compete more effectively through improved time to delivery and accuracy of orders
  • Allows you to offer electronic trading to low and high-volume customers
  • Is quickly and easily adopted by your customers, globally
  • Pays for itself many times over
  • Reduces your carbon footprint – less paper waste and storage

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