How Grundfos found an efficient and cost-effective way to process Sales Orders

Watch our webinar with guest speaker Leo Lui from Global Pump Manufacturer, Grundfos, who discusses how eOrdering has transformed their sales ordering process.

The key to maintaining good supply chain relationships is the speed and accuracy in the sales ordering process.

Typically, sales orders are manually processed into the back-office system, meaning that the ordering process can be prone to delays, potentially harming your relationships with your supply chain.

eOrdering is a cloud-based technology that sits between the buyer and the supplier. The solution automatically processes orders from your buying customers and transmits the data directly into your back office system, often in real time. It also validates the order details, checking against your product catalogue and performs address lookups, saving your team time and removing expensive order errors.

It’s a simple, cost effective solution to implement, and allows orders to be automatically processed into the back-office system.

In this webinar you will learn first-hand from Grundfos:

  • What their issues were before seeking an ordering solution
  • Why they chose eOrdering from Open ECX
  • How much staff processing time and errors they have saved
  • How eOrdering seamlessly integrated into their SAP finance system
  • How they’ve improved and maintained key relationships across their supply chain

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