Advanced Electronic Catalogue

Driving transaction efficiencies and creating a fully integrated Purchase to Pay experience


The newest solution from Open ECX

Marketplace drives transaction efficiencies by providing complete, real-time product and pricing information to buyers. Helping to digitise and simplify your business processes, the cloud-based platform creates a fully integrated Purchase to Pay experience for the wider construction sector. 

An advanced electronic catalogue, Marketplace integrates seamlessly into existing procurement applications and processes. Supporting the full requisition to order process, Marketplace can be tuned to the exact needs of the business relationship e.g. New Build, Call Off and Bulk Orders.  The accurate e-order detail can then be transferred into the suppliers own system.

How can Marketplace help your construction business?

Marketplace helps to enhance your operational performance as a business, giving users access to supplier e-Catalogues within seconds, from their own corporate system or ERP. The solution provides visibility, control and compliance for both suppliers and buyers – whilst transferring the usual P2P processes to a modern and digital strategy. 

Allowing companies to create one-to-one, B2B relationships, Marketplace is a completely open and accurate product pricing system, boasting a full PIM database to facilitate standard product classification. This supports more accurate procurement processes and invoice matching.


Integrated with your supply chain via punchout

eHub Integration

Utilise shared components with our Automated Purchase to Pay platform

Custom Workflows

Business rules to suit any process

Product Search & Comparison

A comprehensive system to easily find the right product


Show featured products based on keywords

Tailored for Construction

Call off orders, new build site requisition, bulk orders

Benefits for Buyers

Marketplace guarantees you spend your money well, providing you with a fully digital and easy-to-use e-Catalogue from your preferred suppliers. It gives you P2P visibility, control, and compliance.

Benefits for Sellers

Selling organisations can benefit from implementing Marketplace, as it’s a way of creating and retaining customer relationships. Often, new customer acquisition is expensive, but Marketplace offers a more cost-effective and resourceful way of on-boarding. Suppliers get closer to their key customers by integrating product data directly into your customers e-procurement process.

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Why use Open ECX’s Marketplace?

With over 5,000 B2B trading relationships across 21 countries, we offer a pro-active culture and dedication to world-class customer support. Our solutions are on-boarded with ease, with no business process or IT changes required. For further information, get in touch.