Evidence the successful completion of works

Allows both the contractor and subcontractor to manage ad-hoc maintenance and repair work. All the associated documents are collected – photographs, estimates, on-site worksheets, invoices etc. – and the work is tracked from condition survey, through to job request and job completion.

A module to efficiently manage the submission, matching and approval of subcontractor invoices, ensuring compliance with the Construction Act through automated payment notices.

Within WebContractor, jobs can be requested, issued to a subcontractor, and progress of the work is tracked throughout. WebContractor ensures that all necessary documents are submitted and retained, to evidence the successful completion of the works.

Key contractor benefits

Reduces admin work, provides comprehensive supporting documents and automatically issues all necessary Payment Notices to ensure compliance with the Construction Act.

Key subcontractor benefits

Greater visibility of submitted invoice status and outstanding work order instructions.


Many contractors are keen to improve their management of other subcontractor processes, so with input from our customers we have developed some optional add-on WebContractor modules.

Simplifying the management of insurances and bonds

Subcontract Invoices

Submit invoices digital, improving quality & visibility

Reduce admin time & the cost of processing VAT receipts

Monitors and manages all contract documents

Improve record keeping capabilities

We’re experts in providing cloud-based e-Trading technology


WebContractor makes processes significantly more efficient, saves time and costs. Trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry, we operate on a global scale providing contractors with seamless solutions. For further information, get in touch today.