Open ECX’s Award Win in the Construction and Technology Industries

Open ECX have recently been nominated as finalists for five industry leading awards, and we are delighted to announce that the team have just been awarded a win in the Innovation of the Year category at the Construction Computing Awards. Alongside this, Open ECX has also been ranked as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Technology Companies by GP Bullhound. This win is thanks to the fantastic development of WebContractor, a tool which has revolutionised many aspects of the construction industry including Prompt Payment and, overall business strategy and efficiency. WebContractor achieves this through increasing productivity across teams by reducing manual work and freeing employee time for higher value adding tasks.

Furthermore, this award and ranking comes off the back of a phenomenal amount of effort from all those at Open ECX who have worked tirelessly pre & post-pandemic to ensure that our products are as best as they can possibly be, whilst still supporting our client’s day-in-day-out. 

Ultimately, WebContractor is an innovative online portal for the end-to-end management of Applications For Payment.  These pioneering properties are reflected by the fact that the software is now being used by over 15,000 contractors and subcontractors across the UK and Ireland. The online portal for application management has helped contract over £2.6bn worth of business in the industry this year alone. What’s more, the next generation EDI solution, eInvoicing, has seen further widespread use across the sector as it has also transformed the previously traditional invoicing method.


Additionally, thanks to the developments within the recent publishing of the Government’s latest policy overview on Procurement, WebContractor will also help to facilitate the legislative changes in the tightening up of the Prompt Payment Act.  WebContractor not only provides contractors with full visibility in their processes, but also helps to increase company adherence to government legislation. This is particularly demonstrated through the fact that the WebContractor software helps commercial and finance teams manage the entire subcontractor application process. Overall, this facilitates not only better working relationships, but also works to increase company efficiency, whilst saving money for businesses too. 


Going forward, here at Open ECX we are honoured to receive such a fantastic award from the esteemed judges at the Construction Computing Awards and we look forward to continuing to be a positive impact to the construction industry and it’s supply chain with our products. 

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