P2P Excellence – Why We Need It

In this webinar with guest speaker Jon Murrell, Managing Director at CSaccelerate, we explore P2P excellence and why it is so important, perhaps not for the reasons you think though.

Traditionally, we talk about P2P in terms of efficiency, visibility, compliance, cash and forecasting. But more strategically, P2P is a key part of how you present your company to the rest of the industry – and even to your customers.

It’s all about relationships.

If you recognise symptoms like the below, you can be sure that your existing P2P and the quality of its processes are a key part of the problem:

  • Extensive churn in the Supply Chain
  • Consistently high volumes of paperwork (and lost paperwork)
  • Lack of visibility and inconsistent project reporting
  • High call and email volumes between internal teams and between the Supply Chain and Accounts Payable

By focusing on P2P, particularly by looking at your processes from the Supply Chain’s point of view, you can:

  • Reduce your overhead costs and save time for project teams
  • Improve your reputation in the market
  • Improve the quality of your Supply Chain and end product
  • Use reporting to focus your attention on risk, rather than revenue

Once we gain a clear understanding of why P2P is so important and the role that it plays in every businesses future, change becomes a more compelling proposition rather than just thinking of it as a back office efficiency project.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn why information and visibility are at the centre of both P2P and its value to your business, and how to implement an efficient P2P process.

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