Adopt a Self-Billing Strategy

Contractors strive to operate subcontractor payment operations as efficiently as possible, but removing costly and unnecessary administration is always a challenge. Our module reduces admin time and the cost of processing Authenticated VAT Receipts by helping the contractor adopt a self-billing strategy – managing the issue of electronic Self-Billing Agreements.

Providing all necessary functionality for a contractor to adopt a fully electronic, self-billing based strategy, which requires very little manual effort to operate and can be implemented with ease.

Through the use of workflow and web technology, the whole process is simplified and managed through the WebContractor portal.

Key contractor benefits

Reduced administration cost and work levels through not having to manage and retain records of authenticated VAT receipts.

Key subcontractor benefits

Increased efficiency and reduced effort through not having to complete and return authenticated VAT receipts.


Many contractors are keen to improve their management of other subcontractor processes, so with input from our customers we have developed some optional add-on WebContractor modules.

Simplifying the management of insurances and bonds

Submit invoices digitally, improving quality & visibility

Manage ad-hoc maintenance & repair work

Monitors and manages all contract documents

Improve record keeping capabilities

We’re experts in providing cloud-based e-Trading technology


WebContractor makes processes significantly more efficient, saves time and costs. Trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry, we operate on a global scale providing contractors with seamless solutions. For further information, get in touch today.