INTRODUCING Subcontractor Invoices

Submit invoices digitally, improve quality & visibility

This module provides an extensive digital Subcontractor Invoice processing functionality, that enables the subcontractor to be in control of the submission and tracking of invoices through the submission-to-payment process.

Allowing the subcontractor to upload and register invoices against relevant project subcontractor orders, it also submits invoices for approval. Giving the subcontractor total control of when the invoice is submitted and the quality of information it contains, the module is easy to operate and enables a totally online way of working.

WebContractor provides all the information online to assist the subcontractor in tracking where their invoice is in the approval-to-payment process, with the formal Payment Notice being emailed to the subcontractor once final approval has been given. 

Providing a full history of all subcontractor invoices submitted, including full details of the invoice and copies of the invoice document and any associated timesheets etc, when the invoice was submitted, when it was approved, and when it was paid.

Key contractor benefits

Reduces manual effort and risk.

Key subcontractor benefits

Creates more efficient ways of working and provides more control over the invoicing process.


Many contractors are keen to improve their management of other subcontractor processes, so with input from our customers we have developed some optional add-on WebContractor modules.

Simplifying the management of insurances and bonds

Monitors and manages all contract documents

Manage ad-hoc maintenance & repair work

Reduce admin time & the cost of processing VAT receipts

Improve record keeping capabilities

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WebContractor makes processes significantly more efficient, saves time and costs. Trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry, we operate on a global scale providing contractors with seamless solutions. For further information, get in touch today.