WebContractor: the perfect solution to support your team whilst working from home

The construction industry continues to operate during the latest UK lockdown, recognised as an essential economy and service in keeping the country running. Many head offices, however, will be required to close due to Covid-19 and staff will be asked to work from home.

It’s also likely that even when offices are able to reopen, the number of employees returning will be limited and many staff members may feel safer remaining remote. This presents many challenges for a business, as teams aren’t able to get together for meetings, all necessary paperwork won’t be to hand and employees may not be able to access their usual shared desktop or platform.

Open ECX’s WebContractor, an innovative, cloud-based solution allowing for a simple end-to-end management process of payment applications, offers key benefits to teams whilst working remotely. Providing a shared workspace easily accessible to the whole team, the solution is proving to be vital to some of the biggest names in the construction sector including Eurovia, Vinci, John Sisk, and Osborne, managing some of their most important commercial and finance processes.

One company already making the most of WebContractor whilst the workforce is remote, is Eurovia. Andy Dunn, Commercial Manager, said: “Everything is in one place and everything is taken into account – WebContractor automatically notifies the appropriate team member, at the right time, to action their task.

“Anyone from the team can access it so things can’t be missed and therefore nothing has to be rushed through. It cuts the time and risk presented by the old fashioned model of Excel spreadsheets, paper print outs, hand signatures, etc. – it’s allowed us to move to a digital way of working.”

Increasing efficiency within admin teams, saving time and capital whilst ensuring compliance with the UK and Ireland Construction Act, WebContractor gives companies full visibility. Subcontractors simply upload their applications or invoices and an automated workflow manages the processing, calculation, reconciliation, approval, payment, and audit.

The online solution introduces a transparent management process, taking away the stress, risk, and potential complications, of manually dealing with applications for payment. WebContractor can be introduced as a standalone system or is integrated with existing back- office ERP’s – including Coins, Kerridge, EVision, Sage and Microsoft 365 or Dynamics AX.

WebContractor also takes into account the legalities and industry requirements, such as the UK Housing & Grants Act compliance. It minimises senior team time in the approval process and cuts out the risk of human error. Moreover, the platform provides a shared space that the whole team can collaborate, saving time visiting construction sites for signatures and approvals, keeping staff safe at home during the pandemic.

The contactless, remote platform means less travel and risk, allowing both contractor and subcontractor teams to access everything they need from home through a virtual office. The infrastructure WebContractor provides will be a key solution as businesses progress and adjust to new ways of working – implementation is straightforward and users don’t require any additional IT equipment.

For further information on WebContractor, our other solutions or to receive a demo, please contact us on +44 (0) 161 543 5300. We would welcome the opportunity to help you and your team through these unusual times and support your business whilst working remotely.

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