Why Construction should stop thinking of software as a cost

Businesses are now realising that utilising intuitive software can be an effective cost-saver rather than an added extra. In the past, the use of human interaction and lengthy processes created a longer supply chain and more admin time than necessary, but with pioneering software now available that allows businesses to save money whilst ensuring 100% compliance, It makes business sense to invest. 

Radically reducing admin costs

A major benefit of software in the construction industry is the easy accessibility of important documents from any location, which gives on-site workers instant access on mobile and laptop devices, as well as seamlessly integrating into the way they work. Implemented correctly, digital processes can boost productivity, on and off site. Processes such as paper invoicing and applications for payment can be lengthy and expensive, ultimately delaying projects, missing deadlines and creating a sense of bad practice.

Streamline business activities

Software is made to be intuitive and work alongside current processes, reducing costs but increasing productivity and visibility throughout the business. Open ECX’s systems create a seamless flow of data and opens an innovative portal for the likes of electronic invoicing, electronic ordering and the end-to-end management of application for payment that can integrate with current ERP or finance systems.

A smart attitude towards automating payments

The most important aspect is mindset – having the construction industry fully understand how software solutions can be cost effective, save valuable time and strengthen relationships through clear and precise management of invoices and payments. With over £250 million worth of transactions being completed efficiently and with full compliance to current legislation and regulations, Open ECX’s software solutions compliment any system and business.

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