High Supplier Adoption Guaranteed

The easiest way to send and receive electronic invoices

INTRODUCING next generation einvoicing

A supplier-friendly way to send and receive electronic invoices

Open ECX’s Next Generation eInvoicing solution enables automation of the Accounts Payable function, via our ground-breaking eHUB.  Hosted in the cloud, the solution offers a faultless, end-to-end, paperless system, eliminating the need for costly manual methods. 

Automatically processing invoices from suppliers and immediately transmitting the data to your finance systems and accounting teams, everything is automated and managed in real time. Bespoke business rules are implemented, tailored to your company’s specific needs allowing the automation of the matching process. Helping to reduce time spent on order management and transaction queries, with a dedicated interventions portal to retrieve and review any issues with your invoices or purchase orders.

How can next-gen electronic invoice software help your business

Open ECX’s Next Generation eInvoicing reduces cost and time spent on admin tasks. Eliminating the expenditure associated with the manual billing process, eInvoicing also removes the chance of human key-in error. Offered with no interruption to your systems or supply chain, no technical changes are required and suppliers are on boarded with ease.

Key benefits of NEXT GENeration einvoicing

Saves time and costs

Reduces the risk of error

Less paper, less waste

Integrates seamlessly with bespoke business finance systems

Easy roll out for contractors, subcontractors and suppliers

Significant increase in electronically processed invoices

Customer Case Studies

Working with a number of major contractors across the UK and Ireland, Open ECX’s Next Generation eInvoicing is implemented by companies that want to save staff time and reduce the cost of processing purchase invoices manually. Proving to be a vital tool to some of the biggest names in the construction industry, clients include EH Smith, Wolseley, Osborne, Readie Construction and Sisk Group.

Why open ecx's Next Generation einvoicing

Experts in providing cloud-based digital e-Trading technology

A completely managed service, we contact suppliers, gain sample invoices, map your suppliers’ invoice content and convert it into a standard format. We ensure comprehensive testing is carried out before switching any suppliers over to the live operation. This is done at no extra cost to our clients and with no business workflow, process or IT changes required, leading to high adoption rates.