Revolutionise your ordering system

Receive orders electronically and reduce time taken to process by as much as 90%

INTRODUCING electronic ordering

Cloud-based technology that sits between the buyer and the supplier

Open ECX’s eOrdering platform is cloud-based technology that sits between the buyer and the supplier. Automatically processing orders from customers and transmitting the data to your sales and finance system in real time, eOrdering removes the need for costly, paper-based systems.

How electronic ordering can help your business

Manually processing orders each month can require a lot of staff time, is often expensive and is prone to delays through potential human errors. eOrdering provides a simple and speedy solution, reducing admin work across your business and decreasing the number of invoice queries received.

Offering a new way to revolutionise your ordering system, without imposing on customers, eOrdering eliminates rouge spending. Open ECX ensures a seamless transition to the new system, with no appreciable gap in operation.

Aimee Trowton Wolseley

We have been working with Open ECX since 2016 to deliver eOrdering solutions to our customers. Transaction volumes are now averaging 12,000 per month with negligible defects or failures across 15 different customers.

Leo Lui Grundfos

eOrdering has no limit. Some orders that we receive have a few order lines, and then there are some that have 132 order lines. Both take 5 minutes to be processed into the SAP system. It truly is remarkable.

Andy Fardon Hilti

Open ECX’s made it easier for us to receive orders electronically from our customers at no cost to them. Easy to deploy and share benefits with customers in different global markets. If only all e-business relationships were this easy to set up.

    Key benefits of electronic ordering processing software

    Reduces staff time used to process orders

    Eliminates delays and the risk of human error

    Less paper, less waste

    Removes the cost of the manual method

    Offers eTrading to all of your customers

    Increase sales orders processed electronically

    Customer Case Studies

    Proving to be a vital tool to some of the biggest names in the construction industry, including Wolseley, Hilti and Grundfos, eOrdering allows them to save staff time and reduce the cost of processing sales orders manually.

    Why Open ECX’s electronic ordering

    Experts in providing cloud-based e-Trading technology

    Open ECX offers a fully managed service, contacting suppliers, gaining sample purchase orders, mapping out customers’ order layout and converting it into a standard format. We ensure comprehensive testing is carried out before switching any suppliers over to the live e-Trading platform.